Our Approach to Learning

image_approach Experiential learning is most commonly referred to as ‘learning by doing’. It is a process of learning that looks to make a lasting impression by essentially immersing participants in a direct personal journey of discovery. Somaiya Center for Experiential Learning (SCEL) draws upon educational theories such as place-based education, contextual learning, constructivism and service-based learning, to create unique experiences for participants. Experiential learning is about learning how to do things, not just learning about things. It’s about the idea of ‘connecting.’ It connects “heart and hands” to learning, as well as ‘head’. It’s about making connections between what participants are learning and how it is relevant to their everyday lives. Key components of the approach include:

  • Learning through exploration
  • Learning that engages the senses
  • Learning through experiences that touch hearts and ignite minds
  • Learning that empowers to make a difference

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