Woven Journeys – Kutch


Anubhuti programme at Kutch region of Western India is a peek into its extremely rich culture and traditions that have a very ancient history. Indian culture and its textiles are interwoven.

Gujarat is an area which many years ago attracted migrants from many other places around due to its location. Bringing with them their expertise in block printing, weaving, dyeing and embroidery and myriad forms of textile art.

Participants will spend time learning the various textile art forms through a hands-on immersive experience.

Programme Objectives
  • To familiarize students with the traditional art forms of Kutch in Gujarat specially focused on textile art and designs.
  • To gain basic understanding of the various techniques used for making designs on fabrics.
  • To introduce students to the ecosystem and biodiversity of Kutch.

Number Of Days

5 Days


Nearest railway station –Bhuj

Nearest airport – Bhuj


Kutch, Gujarat

The largest district of Gujarat, Kutch is a paradise for eminently colorful and culturally rich prints, weaves & exquisite embroideries.


To Connect

With the local artisans & learn about traditional textile art & designs.


Students Comments

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